Lessons in Blackjack

Lessons in Blackjack

Some know the game of Blackjack as the game “Twenty-one” or “21” but whichever you decide to call it, the game is one of the easiest to learn and intermediate level to master.  Quite simply, winning at blackjack will be a combination of learning a series of reactions (responses) to the cards that you are dealt versus the cards that the Blackjack dealer has been dealt.  Beyond just knowing the rules is also knowing when to follow your “gut instincts” and playing beyond the rules.

For instance, if you are dealt a 14 and the dealer is showing a 16 (the dealer must hit until reaching 17) the general rule is that you would “stay”.  However, if you have a feeling that the next card would benefit you, then you could stray from the general guidelines and take a chance.  Just remember, sometimes it is better that the dealer gets the high card so that they may “bust” read more about the game and a good blackjack strategy.


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