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OpenBlackjack is a blackjack training program designed to help players learn basic strategy, card counting, and strategy deviation indices. As you play one or multiple hands, the computer will alert you when you have made an error. Play alone or with up to a table of computer controlled opponents with different dealer speeds to refine your skills.

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Have you ever wanted to take a trip around the world, visit the biggest cities that the world has to offer and possibly meet the love of your life?  OpenBlackjack has something that you might be interested in.  We have combined the fun and excitement of learning Blackjack with the thrill and adventure of world travel.  We have Blackjack instructors in France, Germany, Italy, the United States, Denmark, Spain and even have a branch in Mexico.  We have worked with travel agents to develop the OpenBlackjack Romantic Tour of the World for Singles.  If you have an interest in seeing the sites of the world and possible making a romantic connection; then singles, this is the trip for you!

Travel around the world, visit the sites and places you have always wanted to explore, all while learning Blackjack from the Masters of the game.  We sponsor this trip each year and seats fill up quickly.  You must be part of the OpenBlackjack program and you must be single to join.  We try to maintain a 50/50 male to female ratio for the trip as well.

Finding info on Blackjack and online gambling shouldn’t be too difficult as there is a plethora of this type of information online; however, finding excellent information might be more of a chore.  If you are looking for info on Blackjack and online gambling, then check in with a reliable source like these below that offers real information, updates from the world of online gambling and actual tips that can help your game.  Some online gambling guides think they can just get away with putting any ole information, but you can prove them wrong.  Online gambling information needs to be solid here is a good example of a site with good online casino information

one can easy see it casino site stand out from the rest, so that you can use that information to make your game the best that it can be.

Slots are posiple the most popular casino games , but blackjack is also one of the most popular. The really good slots in 2011 are the mavel slots , you can read more about the best online slots here:

Some of the most popular online casino games online are the standard favorites of Blackjack, Slots and Texas Hold’em, but recently, Sic Bo, Mahjong and even Bingo are becoming as popular.  However, nothing really beats the fun and flavor of a good evening at the Blackjack table and that same real casino experience is recreated in several of Blackjack games at online casinos.  If you have been playing Blackjack at online casinos then you know exactly how that thrill is perfectly emulated by modern software.  Some of the more impressive online casinos are now offering live dealers for Blackjack which was the natural evolution of the game online, you can read more here about the history of casinos.

Europe relaxing their legislation on online gambling.

There’s a lot of news lately about Europe relaxing their legislation on online gambling. Casinos in EU are springing up as online casinos and as land based casinos.

This is especially true in Eu countries right now as they are handing out gambling licenses left and right now you can read more about the ones that have been licensed in Italy at

Besides online gaming, Italians appreciate online casinos because they give much more variety than in a traditional casino.  It can also be quite a drive to get to any of the six or seven casinos that are in Italy and in Slovenia.  As more European companies enter into the Italian market, Spain and Mexico, there will surely be more bonuses and promotions to be handed out.  Some of the top bonuses right now, just for signing up, are reaching the high thousands of dollars.  Be on the lookout in your country, especially for bonuses for Blackjack and Blackjack tournaments.


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